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All Breed Rescue Assistance & Network "Connecting People with Pets"

Rescue Magnets are here!

Help support animal rescue, while educating the public, by sporting one of these animal rescue magnets on your vehicle, pet carrier/crate, refrigerator or office cubicle.  They also make wonderful gifts for anyone who loves animals.  Buy one for all of the volunteers in your rescue group and also for all of your adopters.   What a great way to "spread the news" about animal rescue!

Click here for ordering information


Spay/Neuter Magnets
have arrived!

Click here for ordering information

Are you interested in adopting an animal?  If so, click here to begin your journey!

Please bear with us....we are updating our website to serve you better.
Not all functions of the website may be working properly.

Please help us help the animals by donating to our rescue efforts.

If you are already an animal rescuer or are interested in learning how to become an animal rescuer, you can apply to join our Yahoogroups email list  Through our list, you will have the opportunity to learn from other rescuers who help and support each other.

Note: This email list is not intended to assist the general public in adopting an animal.

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